Monday, July 9, 2012

Lingo and Faith

There is something that drives me batty and I just have to get it out here.  It may sound like a mean thing to say to some people, but it’s the truth - I get highly irritated with the use of Christian lingo.  Why?  Because to me, it’s as if Christian lingo is used as a type of code, especially in brick-and-mortar churches.  I won’t mention the certain phrases that make what I’m saying particularly obvious here, but I will say that I have no idea what purpose anyone talking in code serves.

I guess it’s acceptable to speak like this with other Christians, but why would anyone choose to do so?  Why can’t we just speak in plain and simple English?  Why can’t we just explain things and talk to each other in words that everyone understands.  Isn’t it much easier to become friends with someone when you speak using simple, plain words, after all? 

I realize that words are important.  I also understand the power they hold.  For these reasons and others, I see no point in people using a particular lingo unless it is for good…and the Christian lingo is not used for that reason.  I believe the Christian lingo is often used to signify to another person that “I know more about God than you do” and that notion is just baloney.  I’m not impressed with anyone who uses words that most people don’t even understand.  And I highly doubt that Christ would be impressed if He was standing here today.  In fact, it’s likely that He would call people who deliberately use words that are unfamiliar to most a “Pharisee” in reference to the priests who, back in Jesus’ day, thought they were all “that” because of their knowledge of scripture.

As a matter of fact, Jesus saw right through such people when He was on earth and called them out more than once.  What really matters is the content of your heart.  Usually, if you’re paying attention when you’re around someone you can figure out the person’s heart quickly.  Use of Christian lingo means nothing in the context of a person’s heart.  Knowledge of scripture means nothing, either, because even demons, enemies of God, know it.  Head knowledge is not what’s important.  If you believe in Christ, He has allowed you to believe and your life changes through Him and only Him.  We place too much value on people and their ideas and words.  Never be intimidated by the way a person speaks or prays.  That in and of itself means nothing.

What I do believe is helpful is talking to people like they are people.  I believe that the only thing we can do as believers is tell others about Christ - the rest is not up to us.  I mean it’s not people who convince other people to believe in Christ.  The Holy Spirit does this and I have no idea how or why the Holy Spirit decides to open the door to people. 

I do, however, believe it’s our responsibility to teach others about Christ and his ways once people are believers. Although it can be puzzling how God works through humans to educate other people about Himself, He does it.  I also know that some things aren’t taught by humans.  Some things are taught to us in ways that I call “magical.”  I say magical because I don’t understand how I know certain things, but I do and I call this the magic of God.

The next time someone speaks over your head about things related to Christ, don’t worry.  Just ask Christ to speak to you so you can understand and He will.  He’ll explain things in a way you can easily grasp.  He always does.

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