Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why, Why and Why Again

I often wonder why I write so much.  I wonder why I do and others don’t.  Actually, I wonder about a lot of things I don’t have answers to.  Do you?  I mean, have you ever wondered why something is the way it is instead of being some other way?  I’m betting you have so I thought I’d write a post about some of the things I wonder about on a regular basis.  When I’m done, I plan on wondering why I decided to write this, of course.

I wonder why God created us.  I know it was for His glory, but I still wonder why.  I mean, how do we bring Him glory anyway?  I don’t know, but I still wonder about it.  I also wonder why we look like we do.  You know, our human form?  We are really an awesome creation when you start to think about it, but I still wonder why God chose this form for us. 

I wonder why women have babies.  Why not men?  I’ve always heard it’s because men could not stand the pain and I believe that : ), but I really wonder why God chose for life to be recreated this way.  Why aren’t we just dropped from the sky instead?  That seems like it would be much easier.  But then again, I don’t have the mind of God.  He must have good reason to allow some women to bear children to further populate the earth and good reason to prevent other women from having children also.  That brings up another “why.”  Why are there women who want children so badly yet cannot physically have them while there are other women who get mad because they’ve gotten pregnant in the first place and abort their unborn children?  Why is that allowed?

Why do mean people seem to get away with mean things without ever getting caught?  You know, those people who do all sorts of really horrible things and seem to be able to get away with them all the time?  Why aren’t they held accountable for their reprehensible actions?  I guess I can say that as I’ve gotten older I have seen justice served here on earth in many instances.  But there are still those lingering cases that will always make you wonder why, right?

Why do people continue to hurt those that help them the most?  This one hits home for me right now.  I’m to the point where I almost never wonder about this anymore because it happens so very often.  Just when I think I can’t be hurt again…boom!  It happens again and by the same person no less.  Why do I continue to be hurt by someone I am desperately trying to help?  Why can’t this hurtful behavior just stop?  Why can’t I simply flip the switch on my feelings and emotions and turn them off in this context?

Why does it seem as though time is speeding up?  I’ve been told it’s due to my age, but I disagree.  It’s something else.  But why can’t I explain what I think is really behind the hastening of time better?  Is it a sense in my spirit?  Does anyone else sense this or am I the only one who thinks something is up?

And here is one that is so basic, but so profound.  Why does the sun come up every day, and why do we take that for granted?  Why aren’t we thankful for just this one thing every day?

Last, but definitely not least…why is it so hard for people to believe in God?  I know the simple answer is because God has not allowed them to believe or they have rejected Him already.  But why would you not believe in God just by looking outside?  Is there really a doubt in your mind that all of this happened because of God?  Do you really think we happened by chance?  We can’t even figure out our own bodies and yet we are saying that we just randomly appeared here on earth.  Why would someone think that?  Why would anyone not think we were created by a Being much more intelligent than ourselves.
I’ll end by saying that I’ve always been a very curious person…more so than most, I think. But again, I wonder why that is. 

What do you wonder about?  And why do you wonder about it?

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