Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God and Animals

I spent the last year of my life working on animal welfare issues.  Recently, though, I decided to pull out to concentrate more on God.  I think that is what He wants me to do.  But yet, I’m not sure.  The thing is, I can’t stop thinking about animals.  I mean what if God put me here to help animals?  What if that is what He wants me to do and I only think that I should concentrate on God?  Now that doesn’t make much sense when I write it out at all because in reality God would never discourage anyone from concentrating on Him, correct?

So here I sit, still wondering if I made the right decision.  Why can’t I do both?  Why can’t I love animals and God?  Because I’m pretty sure I do anyways, otherwise I wouldn’t have my dogs on my lap or near to me as I write this.  I wouldn’t spend 4 out of 7 days going to Petco to spend time with cats from our local Humane Society and cleaning their cages.  And I wouldn’t STILL be reading about animals on the web.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

Maybe just being involved in my own local Humane Society is enough.  Maybe that’s the answer?  Maybe it’s not?  I guess I’ll just have to find out with time since it was only two days ago that I quit Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, retired my title, and said I was no longer going to be involved with animal welfare issues. 

Maybe I need a break.  Maybe that is the answer.  Maybe that is what I need.  I think that’s what I need - just a break.  Yes indeed, that is what I need, a break from all of that. 

I’m off to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I am going to write about that in the very near future.  Thank you, blog, for helping me make a decision as I was writing.  You’re nice like that and I thank you for being my friend.


  1. Cindi, I don't know much about your situation, but Frederick Buechner used to come out to Laity Lodge and tell folks, "Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world's greatest need."

    It sounds to me like animal welfare certainly qualifies as a joy for you. And I'm pretty sure taking care of animals is something God wants us to do.

  2. Marcus,

    Your right! Sometimes I listen to much to what other people have to say and not what God is saying to me. This was the case here. People had me convinced that helping animals was not serving God. Finally, through the noise, I realized why I was put on this earth. It just took some listening to God. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me of the truth.